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var categories = ["Scavenging", "Trading", "Scouts", "Achievements","Forwarded","Misc"];


Script information

  • Category: AM
  • Release date: 2020-06-09

Script description

Approved ticket nr. t14004528

This script allows you to create folders to sort your reports under, and then by a simple click it will move all the appropriate reports to the correct folder. First time setup will require you to set up all the folders one by one. It's a very simple process and the script does everything for you. It's a bit tedious, but this only needs to be done ONCE.

NOTE: There are a few standard

    categories you should always use:

  • Scavenging on a scavenging world.
  • Trading, Scouts, Achievements, Forwarded, Misc.
  • ANY OTHER CATEGORY YOU ADD IS CASE SENSITIVE! if you want to make a folder to filter out all your renamed attacks in, then it has to use the exact same name as those attacks. Same with incomings. So lets say your attack renamer calls your nukes "NuKe", the category should also be called "NuKe"