Coordinate group import

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Script information

  • Category: AM
  • Release date: 2021-02-28

Script description

This script allows you to use coordinates from your attack planning, or map picking, and import them to a manual group of your choosing.

Make sure you have a manual group ready to be used.

How to use

Enter your planning or text including coordinates in the text area. The script will automatically filter out any coordinates that aren't your own villages, so you don't have to worry. You can straight up copy your text from TW AAP or any other planner in here.

The script will grab the coordinates from the previous screen and create a menu with a list of all the villages extracted. It will give you the group selection, and an "Add button. If you want to remove a group from the selection at this stage, you can still do so, but in general, you can just click "Add" and it will import all the villages directly to the manual group