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Script information

  • Category: Leadership
  • Release date: 2021-03-23

Script description

This script is the ultimate all in one defensive counterside to the Vault script.

It allows the tribe leadership to visualize the accounts of it's members, and very easily manage troop movement to the front where it is necessary, as well as having a great insight of how their players are prepared in the event of a war.

Easily plot watchtowers on both the minimap and the actual map, set up colors for different players, including opacity. Also displays the total amount of incomings a player has, or if the player has not shared the required info to tribe aristocracy.

Customize stack sizes depending on the stage of the game, and set unit pop values for each type of unit. Great if you want to set HC to 4 pop, or CAT to 2 pop considering their defensive values. This can also be reversed to offensive, incase you want to view where all the nukes of your players are located to have an idea how much close range nukes might be available in a certain area.

Color coding:

Aquamarine -Lower than the set value for empty. This village either got cleared, or is empty of troops of the type you selected

Black - Smaller than what is considered the small stack value

Red - Between a small, and a medium stack

Yellow - Between a medium and a big stack

Green - Big stack